Katja Gretzinger


Berlin 2013-1983
Young & Giroux Website
Perform Interdependency
When Is the Digital in Architecture
ZJO 2017

Infrastructure Canada
Giraffes, Telegraphs and Hero of Alexandria
ZJO 2016
Make Yourself Available
Kieler Woche
Hello Stranger!
The Particular Unity of Same and Other
Annabel Lange / Website
ZJO 2015
Grain, Vapor, Ray
Inverse Institution
ZJO 2014
Archaeology of the Digital
This is Television
De ideale vorm
Urlaub nach dem Fall
The Massproduction of Artwork
ZJO 2013
In a Manner of Reading Design
Candide No 5
Yorgos Sapountzis
ZJO 2012
Candide No 4
Katy Feuersenger
ZJO 2011
Adaptation Theories
Cristobal Lehyt
Tue Greenfort
Candide No 3
Toponymisches Heft
ZJO 2010
Cooperative Designs
Temporary City Book
IBA Stadtumbau
Figuren und Gegenstände
Candide / WebsiteCandide
Of an Obscure Desaster
ZJO 2009
Temporary City
Red Sky Morning
FAZ A moment's manifesto
When Attitudes become Design
European Kunsthalle
FAZ Wissen und Bedenken
Nichts ist ...
ZJO 2008
ZJO New Plans
Logo Parc
After 1968
Paul Hendrikse
Slave to Freedom
FAZ Sandmann
Triumph of Religion
ZJO Anniversary
ZJO 2007
FAZ Lost in transmission
Mark Curran
Eoghan McTigue
Michael John Whelan
Berlin Addictive
ZJO 2005
Beyond Swiss Tradition
FAZ Zurich Housing
Movement Research
Management Revue







Daniel Young & Christian Giroux
Berlin 2013-1983

Perform Interdependency

Perform Interdependency –  Kunsthochschule Kassel, Zurich University of the Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts


Zurich Jazz Orchestra
Poster Season 2016/2017


Wie funktioniert Glück –
A book-project on schoolbooks — produced and designed together with children of the Nürtingen Grundschule Kreuzberg and a risograph.

Zurich Jazz Orchestra 2015/2016

Zurich Jazz Orchestra
Poster Season 2015/2016

Holidays after the Fall

Holidays after the Fall – 
Seaside Architecture and Urbanism in Bulgaria and Croatia. Edited by Elke Beyer, Anke Hagemann and Michael Zinganel

ZJO Poster 2014

Zurich Jazz Orchestra
Poster Season 2014/2015

Institut Francais, Project Thermostat – Zusammenarbeit zwischen 24 centres d'art und Kunstvereinen


IBA – International Building Exhibition
Sachsen-Anhalt 2010

Zurich Jazz Orchestra,

Temporary City

Temporary City Berlin
One space. One structure.
A set of regulations...

Zurich Jazz Orchestra
Poster Season 2017/2018

Giraffes, Telegraphs and Hero of Alexandria, Urban Design by Narration

SMAQ –  Giraffes, Telegraphs and Hero of Alexandria, Urban Design by Narration


Hello Stranger!

Paul Hendrikse
The Particluar Unity of Same and Other
Printed on a Cetak Toko in Yogyakarta,

Archaeology of the Digital

Archaeology of the Digital –
Catalogue for the first part of the exhibition-series at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal

Walking Lines – Workshop at HfG Karlsruhe

Zurich Jazz Orchestra
Poster Season 2012/2013

Yorgos Sapountzis

Yorgos Sapountzis
A statue has remembered me


Toponymisches Heft Nr. 1
Cordula Daus

Katy Feuersenger
Drawings (artist catalogue)

When is the Digital in Architecture?
Canadian Centre for Architecture

Learning Design Learning
Gastprofessur Redaktionelles Gestalten
Kunsthochschule Kassel


Annette Weisser
Make Yourself Available

Infrastructure Canada
Young & Giroux

The Massproduction of Artwork

Daniel Young and Christian Giroux
The Massproduction of Artwork

Kieler Woche
Competition entries for the identity of the sailing festival for 2016


Europan 12 – German Competition, Catalogue
"Adaptable City" 

In a Manner of REading Design

In a Manner of Reading Design –
The Blind Spot
On design in between art, theory and politics

De ideale vorm

Paul Hendrikse
De ideale vorm

Clad in a Double Shift – Poster series for "Nepotists, Opportunists, Friends, Freaks and Strangers Intersecting in the Grey Zone

Candide 5

Candide – Journal for Architectural Knowledge
No. 5

Adaptation Theories
Jillian St. Jacques (Ed.)